Your browser lacks features required to create peer to peer connections. Your file transfer may not work.
Your browser does not support the latest Stream features. Your max file download size is limited by the memory allocated to your browser.
Your browser does not support data channels. This is a required feature for this tool to function.

How do file transfers work on Fastest Fish?

Fastest Fish sets up a peer to peer connection between the file sender and the reciever. This means in most cases the file is being transfered direct between the two devices rather than through a server.

Using peer to peer to transfer your files means you can transfer large files without running a server with high bandwidth costs.

The direct connection also allows your devices to transfer files at the miximum speed that your networks can handle.

Browser support

Chrome - Full support

Firefox - Partial support

Edge - Partial support

Internet Explorer - No support

Partial support refers to a limited file transfer size due to missing browser features.

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