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What is Fastest.Fish?

Fastest.Fish is a peer to peer online file transfer tool. The goal was to create a quick and easy way to transfer large files.

It was first built for personal use when I had issues sending large files to friends and relatives. Now available to all 😊

How do I send a large file?

  1. Select the file you are looking to transfer
  2. Give the displayed transfer code to the receiver or let them scan the QR code
  3. Once the receiving device opens the page the two devices are connected
  4. The download will start automatically!

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How does a peer to peer file transfer work?

The sending device will first contact a STUN server to get some network information about itself such as it's IP address.

The details are then sent via a signaling server to the receiving device.

A signalling server is required to allow the devices to communicate until they have enough information to open a direct connection between each other.

The two devices will exchange a few messages via the signaling server to attempt to establish a direct connection.

If the devices manage to open a connection the devices can now transfer the file via their direct connection.

If you are looking for some test files to try things out with; we have a set of test files for download.

When would a peer to peer file transfer fail?

Browser support

Facilitating a peer to peer connection in the browser requires features which aren't supported by all browsers. Internet Explorer does not support the features required and Firefox has a download size which is limited by the amount of memory the receiving device has. Chrome has full support.

Network connectivity

Most mobile carriers do not provide a publicly accessible network address (IP address). Since both devices will try initiating a connection this isn't an issue if just one of the devices is on a mobile network but the devices may not be able to connect if they are both on a mobile network. Some home networks may also have this issue.

Mobile devices connected via Wi-Fi are more likely to succeed.

Where did the name come from?

Around the time I started working on this project in 2016 I was looking for a unique domain and was intrigued by some of the new top level domains which had just become available.

After searching around I came across fastest.fish which was available, I though it was funny. It also worked well with my goal to build a fast file transfer tool.

I liked the idea of having a unique and brand-able domain because lets be honest most websites are too boring! I ran the name past a few friends who all found it amusing so I snapped it up.

The first logo design was actually drawn on the beach in the sand that summer not long after. Since then Fastest.Fish has received a lot of popularity and has undergone a few redesigns.

20k+ Files
12TB+ Transfered

One man army

The fish is developed and maintained by one guy.

Help me out by giving me feedback on your experience!